Under Oregon Public Employee Law you have the right to:

  1. Organize, bargain and take action together with your co-workers.
  2. Talk about your work, talk about the union with your co­-workers and distribute information on non­-work time in non­-work areas but you also have the right to do these things on work time and in work areas provided it does not disrupt your ability to do your work and you could talk about or distribute information about other non-­work related things in those areas and at those times.
  3. Be quoted in and have your picture on union literature, web page and facebook page.
  4. Wear union hats, buttons, shirts or stickers.

Your employer cannot legally:

  1. Prohibit you from talking about the union
  2. Punish you for participating in union activity
  3. Make promises or threats
  4. Spy on you or question you about union activity


If you think your rights have been violated contact:

Contact your Worksite Steward or call the Member Hotline at 503-232-0299