Meet Laborers’ 483 Member Sabrina Higgins

Sabrina Higgins is a talented Laboratory Analytical Specialist who has served the City of Portland for 27 years.

Sabrina uses microbiology to test Portland’s rivers, streams, and sewage treatment plants for E. Coli and other bacteria that can compromise public health. She is passionate about her work to protect and maintain Oregon’s environment. “I appreciate working for the citizens,” Sabrina remarks. “I have gratitude that I can contribute.”

Sabrina has received high commendations for her work. The Oregon Health Authority, a state government agency, praised Sabrina for her exemplary record keeping and quality control system. The agency now directs other laboratories to use her work as a reference. “I appreciate the recognition,” Sabrina said. She receives many requests for advice from laboratories across Oregon and enjoys every opportunity to help colleagues advance their systems of records.

Outside of work, Sabrina enjoys meeting with friends, hiking, music, and cooking. Laborers’ Local 483 is proud to have her as a member!

liunaMeet Laborers’ 483 Member Sabrina Higgins